Vosotros, ustedes, todos, and muchos in the Eucharistic Prayer on the Papal Trip

As Sandro Magister points out at L’Espresso, the texts used by Pope Francis in the Institution Narrative of the Eucharistic Prayer on this papal trip have interesting differences.

In the words over the cup, the first Mass in Cuba will have “por vosotros y por todos los hombres,” but the other two Masses in Cuba will have “ustedes” rather than “vosotros.” The Mass in Washington D.C. will have in Spanish “por muchos” rather than “por todos.” Then the other three Masses in the U.S. will have the Eucharistic Prayer in Latin with its “pro vobis et pro multis.”

What to make of this?

Pope Benedict had wanted all the vernacular missals in the world to translate “pro multis” literally (for example, as “for many”). But as of Benedict’s resignation in 2013, any number of national bishops’ conferences had not yet fallen into line and were still using “for all.”

Pope Francis doesn’t worry as much about such liturgical questions, nor is he inclined to tell episcopal conferences what they must do. And some think that “for all” fits more with the theme of “mercy” which Francis strongly emphasizes.

All in all, I suspect it doesn’t bother Francis too much that he’s using such various wordings in his trip to Cuba and the U.S.


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  1. I remember parts of this came this came up while we were discussing the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the video, you can see despite the fact the text had the version from Spain (“La paz os dejo, mi paz os doy.”), he just did the American version (“La paz les dejo; mi paz les doy.”). My guess is in every Mass, he’ll use Ustedes instead of vosotros.
    Of course, it could depend entirely on what missal someone puts in front of him. Even here in the US it’s a mess, if you’re using the Mexican Ordinario you get Ustedes, but if you use the Mexican Missal you get vosotros, unless you get the newer version that has an insert.

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