Sacraments: Your Video Recommendations

Calling all Pray Tell readers: I’d like your help in finding good online videos of the sacraments of initiation for use in my undergrad class at the College of St. Benedict / St. John’s university this semester. I’m looking for good videos of the rites being celebrated.

Please post links of any videos you recommend:

BAPTISM: infant baptism and adult baptism – Catholic, Protestant, Eastern rites, etc. Easter vigil with baptisms.

CONFIRMATION: Catholic and Protestant of youth of various ages; chrismation of infants in Eastern rites.

EUCHARIST: examples of Eucharistic prayers, of reception of Communion, of related rites (e.g. fraction rite), of Eucharistic vessels and bread and wine – Catholic, Protestant, Eastern rite.

RCIA: any of the rites such as Rite of Reception etc.

I’m sure this will be a good resource for many people.



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