Pray Tell Live – NPM 2015: Panel Discussion with Church Music Publishers

11:15 am–12:00 noon EDT
With Church Music Publishers
 – David Anderson (GIA)
– Wade Wisler (OCP)
– Jerry Galipeau (WLP)
– Mark Lawson (Morningstar)
moderated by Anthony Ruff, OSB


  1. Thank you so much for making this available! Many valuable take-aways. The discussion concisely covers so many aspects of the business part of music for worship. Some areas of concern resonate with other aspects of society.

  2. Thank you for the live stream! Interesting insights. No question these publishers are vital to the life of today’s church.

  3. A much more interesting conversation than I expected. One thought I took away was how our dwindling numbers have profound ramifications for the publishers. I never considered their struggle in all of this. I appreciated their willingness to say those things they “probably shouldn’t say”. I would like to see the conferences rethink the way they have been doing things. There is an issue of financial justice that needs to be considered in the relationship between organizations and publishers.
    I am thankful to PrayTell for providing this service. I for one would never be able to benefit from these conferences without this archive. My church will never have the money to send me and I could never afford to go on my own (even with two jobs).
    On a side note… did anyone else find the banner with Pope Francis in the background… interesting?

  4. I agree that the purpose of the convention is to bring people together in community. I also know that I paid to go but was not able to…so NPM has my money, so I appreciate being able to hear at least the music publishers music sessions (OCP and GIA). It allowed me to hear the music, sing and play my guitar along with and order music right away. Yeah! Not as good as being there but something to sooth my soul 🙂

  5. Was a very interesting discussion…the questions posed were pretty good. Just curious…did you develop these questions and who set this session up….you or a 3rd party PR person? NPM should consider holding these gatherings every other year instead of every year…I think it would be easier on everyone’s wallets.

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