Pray Tell Live – NPM 2015: Opening Celebration & Plenum with Richard Fragomeni

Monday, July 6
1:30–4:00 pm
Opening Celebration and Plenum
Progressing the Reform: Less Pomp, More Prayer
Richard Fragomeni


  1. Fr. Fragomeni always gives a profoundly transformative presentation.
    Thank you PrayTell for making this available.

  2. Fr. Fragomeni’s very powerful address begins at 1:05:35.
    Though I don’t believe he ever uses the hallowed old phrase “sacrifice of the Mass,” I think this talk embodies what the sacrificial dimension of the Mass is, and what it means to learn from the liturgy how to live your life as self-emptying sacrifice.
    Do listen to the address – you’ll find it very inspiring!

  3. Anthony, thank you for recording this. I am missing the NPM convention for only the second time in 29 years because I am in an executive education program at Georgetown this summer and have classes this week. I am so sorry to miss it, but so grateful that you are posting these.

    It is indeed a very moving talk. This is one powerful line I wrote down:

    “When we eat this bread and drink this cup we proclaim a new way of surviving…we are willing to surrender our desire to survive…willing to break that open like the jar of ointment at the feet of Christ. We are willing to break open the fundamental desire to survive that keeps us all locked in fear and in death.”

    I hope you have a great week.

  4. I have just watched Richard’s splendid keynote. As the one who “invented” the title “Less Pomp, More Prayer” at the first Grand Rapids brainstorming meeting in October 2013, I was expecting something very different. But wasn’t it exactly what we all needed to set us on course?! I was not able to be present myself, waiting on the tarmac on a delayed plane in Chicago, and looked forward to hearing what Richard had to say. As I watched just now, I soon let go of what I had been anticipating and allowed myself to be carried along by the powerful presentation. Many thanks to NPM and Pray Tell for making it available. And many thanks to Richard for inspiring us all!

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