More on Romeri and Chaput in Philly

“Music chief for pope’s Philly Mass quits in dispute with Archbishop Chaput,” Religious News Service reports, complete with a quotation from our very own Nathan Chase and a link to Pray Tell’s earlier story on this.

As David Gibson concludes the RNS piece:

While Chaput is often described as a doctrinal and cultural conservative, in the Catholic Church, that does not necessarily equate with liturgical traditionalism, which is its own distinct — and proud — brand.


  1. In the earlier PT story’s comments, I concluded my observations by saying “Music may have been the presenting issue here, but I suspect the deeper and more substantive issue is this clash over authority.”

    Reading Gibson’s piece only reinforces my conclusion.

  2. It’s been no secret that Archbishop Chaput – lion though he might be on moral teachings – has liturgical tastes that tend more to the charismatic than the traditional.

    As for authority: In this case, Romeri recognized that Chaput had the authority, and he did not. And he resigned (albeit somewhat noisily) to allow a music director who was more in tune with the Archbishop’s musical proclivities to take the position. For good or ill, the ordinary gets the final call on these questions.

  3. i just want to know which of them believes chant has pride of place in our liturgy. (I am very tired of singing prayer songs. I would much rather be praying prayers set to music.)
    Ken, currently in Shanghai.

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