Ars Praedicandi: A Homily on the Fourth Sunday of Lent in the Orthodox Church

When men and women took up the journey to the desert in imitation of Jesus and his fast, they were honoring his love and fidelity to God; they were not looking for our adulation or worship, because only fools bow down before any man or woman who has excelled in emaciating his or her body. They were motivated by love and sought to imitate him.

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The system is down: systematic problems with the faith formation of children in American Catholicism

The structure of our catechetical ministry (more than the catechists – this is not a case of individuals making mistakes) assumes that Catholic parishes, not Catholic parents, are responsible for bringing up children in the faith. Yet, you know, it was my husband and I, not the parish catechists, that promised to do exactly that?

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