Vatican Confirms Pope’s Holy Thursday Plans

Pope Francis will continue what has become an annual tradition of traveling to the margins of society to wash feet on Holy Thursday, according to a report from the UK’s Catholic Herald magazine.

Pope Francis will visit a prison in Rome to wash the feet of inmates of Maundy Thursday, the Vatican has announced.

The Pope will visit Rebibbia prison on April where he will meet inmates, and follow Jesus in washing their feet.

At 5.30 PM that evening, the Holy Father will celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the prison, carrying out the act for which he has become famous.

Read the entire report here.


  1. True that, Fred.

    The Pope’s understanding of the New Evangelization? It gets shown every Holy Thursday.
    1 witness through mercy
    2 welcome with warmth
    3 catechize

    Holy Thursday each year of this Papacy has been an exercise in humble service. The washing of “feet that matter” gives hope to those who know they need mercy and frustrates those who have placed rubric over mercy.

    Any report on whether those are Catholic Feet or not?

  2. How likely is it that the Pope will bother to check the faith of the feet, or their attached bodies and the inhabiting souls? I’d bet not very, myself. . .

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