Over to You, Nathan

As of today, I get some more sabbatical time away from being Pray Tell moderator. I had one block of time away from here last summer, and now I have a larger block of time away this spring semester until next June. (I’m still here as a contributor and commenter.) I continue my work on a new hardbound hymnal for St. John’s Abbey and a new Latin chant vesperale for Sant’ Anselmo Benedictine headquarters in Rome.

Pray Tell is now under the leadership of Nathan Chase. I introduced him to you last spring – see “New Pray Tell Blog Moderator!

To repeat what I said then:

And now, over to Nathan Chase. It’s all in good hands. I’m sure you’ll appreciate and enjoy his capable leadership. Be good to him.



  1. And may this give you more time to do rich scholarship which you have demonstrated you have a gift for! What a gift Nathan is giving to all of us, but especially to you, Anthony, to do EVEN more!

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