2014 in Review: “Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium”

We continued to offer this popular series from contributor Fr. Michael Joncas in 2014. Joncas revisited the articles of the constitution concerning sacraments, sacramentals and the Divine Office, offering insightful commentary and questions to ponder for each. Those articles covered in the past year are listed below for easy reference.



  1. It’s been said before but merits repeating: thank you, huge THANK YOU to Fr. Michael Joncas for this very solid and most inspiring series. What a great resource! What a ton of work you’ve put into this for us.

  2. Thank you for this series. Its always important to return to the texts of the Council and see what the Fathers actually said, as opposed to what people think they said, what they didn’t say, what they should have said, still less the amorphous “spirit” of Vatican II. Nothing here about the wholesale abandonment of Latin or celebrating Mass versus populum.

    What I have missed, however, in Fr Joncas’ analyses is a sense of the context in which SC arose. It needs to be read in the light of the whole history of the Liturgical Movement, above all in the light of Mediator Dei. A “compare and contrast” between MD and SC would be very interesting.

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