2014 in Review: “Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives”

In June 2014 we began this series on liturgical history of Collegeville. The series “From the Archives” reprints some of the abbey Liturgy Committee meeting minutes from 1963 to 1969. This series is a behind-the-scenes look at liturgical reform in Collegeville during and immediately after the Second Vatican Council.

  • I,the liturgy committee is founded
  • II, solemnized Low Mass
  • III, adaptions of daily liturgical program
  • IV, brothers’ participation in conventual Mass
  • V, many unfavorable reactions against the solemnized Low Mass
  • VI, whether solemn liturgical forms render the liturgy more inaccessible
  • VII, High Mass vs. vernacular
  • VIII, televised Low Mass or High Mass
  • IX, perhaps we have changed our teaching from ten years ago?
  • X, music for conventual Mass – Gelineau psalms
  • XI, low Mass replaces Sunday sung Mass; fewer solemnized Masses
  • XII, varia
  • XIII, amplified soloists, changes to solemn Mass
  • XIV, High Mass and Low Mass, student participation, vernacular breviary
  • XV, vernacular breviary, concelebration
  • XVI, vernacular breviary
  • XVII, vernacular Office
  • XVIII, vernacular Office
  • XIX, sung Mass, participation in Latin chant?
  • XX, Holy Week, vernacular Office, vernacular Profession
  • XXI, Profession, Communion at conventual Mass, the first concelebration
  • XXII, concelebration
  • XXIII, concelebration, Communion at Mass
  • XXIV, reform of monastic Office, sung intercessions and readings
  • XXV, vernacular Office, English High Mass
  • XXVI, music at High Mass, incense at Office
  • XXVII, concelebration. choral discipline, Communion
  • XXVIII, tabernacle, whole-wheat hosts
  • XXIX, tabernacle, lamp, celebrant position, concelebration, vestments
  • XXX, Communion, concelebration
  • XXXI, Sunday Mass, Feast of Purification, daily Mass
  • XXXII, varia.


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  1. Many thanks for posting these.

    These posts are the most interesting thing on the internet in 2014 and I will be full of grief when they end. I hope PTB is able to gain access to other places’ liturgy committee minutes from a similar time period and continue to post them for our reflection.

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