Merry Christmas!?

Now that Christmas season has properly begun, it is surely the time to greet everyone with a cheery “Merry Christmas.” Yes?

One has to be a bit of a liturgical purist to put this out to people – and even devout, practicing Christians look at you strangely.

Whaddayathink? What do you do? And will you do it until Evening Prayer of Baptism of the Lord on January 11, 2015?

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  1. My celebration of Christmas has just BEGUN! I am a big fan of the 12 Days of Christmas, and Carnivale. It’s will be Happy Christmas and Happy Carnivale for the next 7 weeks!!

  2. Heck, we of upbringing with Polish tradition will keep wishing Wesolych Swiat (Merry Christmas) until the feast of the Presentation of the Lord! And even then while taking down the tree and decorations.

  3. Trash pick-up in my neighborhood is on Friday. I feared to imagine the pictured scene… but as I drove home last night, there was the first tree sitting curb-side. Fortunately, the reindeer and snow people are still bobbing in the breeze. Come next Sunday, though, all the curbs will be similarly decorated. This is the season for White Sales… all a warm-up to Valentine’s Day. Christmas will be back next October… at least publicly.

  4. Happy Third Day of Christmas!
    This is what I do: for each of the Twelve Days (okay, okay; but people are a little familiar with this) I wish people a blessing mentioning the appropriate number of the day.
    In Ireland, Epiphany is traditionally called “Nollaig na mBan” – Womens’ Christmas. I’ve never found the origin of this. Does this custom exist in any other country?

    1. @Pádraig McCarthy – comment #6:
      Padraig: A friend of mine whose parents were born in Ireland gathered her women friends for a “women’s Christmas” event every year, and her father supplied money for the celebration as long as he lived. Her explanation from her childhood was that women had had to work before Christmas cooking, cleaning, etc., and so they finally got a day for themselves to celebrate with their women friends, with at least a glass of wine and good company. I’ve introduced it a couple places since then. It is a wise custom, and may be more widespread than apparent, since it is a women’s event.

  5. Holding off Christmas decorating in our parochial school and rectory was always a tough one.Finally for the school we celebrated Epiphany though I had to teach children the music on the spot because the faculty boycotted efforts that would require interrupting their Christmas break. Talk about Jesus is the reason for the season.

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