Video Link: Today’s Misa Criolla with Pope Francis

Today at 11 am in Collegeville, noon in New York, and 6pm in Rome:

More info on the celebration here.


  1. I just finished watching this and it was quite beautiful and vibrant. It was quite a contrast to the other papal masses I have watched that I find are quite somber The young choir was quite engaged with the music, swaying in time to the rhythms, The communion song, Pescador des Hombres (and I may have that misspelled) I would guess is one of Papa Francesco’s favorites. The words “with your eyes set upon me, gently smiling” resonates so much with one of his favorite paintings that he says speaks so to him, Caravaggio’s Calling of Matthew. He has spoken of his being like Matthew with Jesus gazing at him in relation to his call to the priesthood. His motto also speaks of Jesus looking upon him and “mercying” him. By the way, tomorrow is his 45th anniversary of ordination.

  2. For those reading the other thread about this Mass who were dying to know:

    1. It sounded like a mix of people saying “caer en tentación” versus “caer en la tencación.” Many people were shown reading from the leaflet, and would obviously have omitted the “la” for that reason. It was impossible to hear what Pope Francis said.

    2. Despite the text in the leaflet, Francis read the prayer for peace after the Padre Nuestro as “La paz les dejo, mi paz les doy,” and not with the Iberian pronoun “os.”

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