New CDW prefect?? – UPDATED

What do you make of this?? Edward Pentin is with National Catholic Register and Zenit. I think he knows Cardinal Kasper a bit. 🙂

Sarah (2)

Here is Cardinal Sarah’s Wikipedia entry.

Here is a CNA story on Cardinal Sarah’s views of the recent extraordinary synod.

Here is the schedule for the recent Summorum Pontificum conference in Rome, at which Cardinal Sarah was scheduled to present.

And here is the apparent source of the rumor – from Marco Tosatti at La Stampa. He says the naming is imminent, perhaps today. That didn’t happen, obviously. Tosatti also reports that Francis is meeting with dicastery heads of the Roman curia on Monday to discuss the ongoing project of curia reform.


  1. Well, were this to come to pass, it would strike me as orthogonal to the First World liturgy warriors at both ends.

    Guinea is an overwhelmingly (85%) majority-Muslim country. It would seem to place liturgy in the context of evangelisation under challenging local conditions. Rather than aesthetics or First World-ruddered programs of social justice.

    And, again if it comes to pass, points to people who forthrightly eat crow over the non-appointment of someone like Piero Marini.

  2. This seems like such an unlikely pick. I did not read anything in his background to indicate he has any liturgical “chops”. Is this wishful thinking on the part of some?? Papa Francesco usually picks people who have some skill level for the position they will be holding. He is quite logical in this.

  3. Why wouldn’t Pope Francis pick a head for the CDW who is from the global south? North Americans and Europeans have already built and earnestly defend their respective Maginot Lines of liturgical friction. Liturgy in Africa and Asia is often overshadowed by liturgical ideological strife in the aforementioned areas. Pope Francis would act with eminent logic to appoint Cardinal Sarah or one of his brother African bishops.

    I should hasten to mention that Africa and Asia are diverse continents with many different cultures. I also suspect that Pope Francis knows this, but he is forced to choose a secretary who has the greatest depth and breadth of liturgy across the worldwide church outside of North America and Europe. This is no small task for Pope Francis or his choice for the post.

  4. Let me be the first on this thread (contrary to Mr Inwood’s evident disappointment) to congratulate Cardinal Sarah on his appointment! May God bless and guide him in his future work!

    (And, I confess, I am overjoyed that the rumours of Archbishop Piero Marini being appointed came to naught!)

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