Kevin Irwin receives FDLC’s McManus Award

The Federation of Diocesan Liturgy Commissions has given the Frederick R. McManus Award to Msgr. Kevin Irwin. The FDLC’s press release states:

Kevin Irwin

The FDLC’s highest honor, the prestigious Frederick R. McManus Award, was presented to Msgr. Kevin Irwin of the Catholic University of America in recognition of his outstanding contributions to liturgical scholarship and ministerial formation. In his typically eloquent remarks, Msgr. Irwin urged all to recover the essential link between liturgy and justice – a renewed concern for the poor, a recommitment to unity and peace instead of rubrical debates, and an “unfussy” approach to liturgical celebrations which commissions us all to bear witness to Christ’s Gospel and “to share in the very life of God.”


Past recipients of this award include Msgr. McManus, Fr. Godfrey Diekmann OSB, John Page, Ade Bethune, Aidan Kavanagh OSB, Liturgy Training Publications, Bishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Bishop Donald Trautman, Sr. Kathleen Hughes RSCJ, Bob Rambusch, Nathan Mitchell, Fr. Robert Taft SJ, Richard Proulx, Fr. Kevin Seasoltz OSB, Mary Frances Reza, Fr. Anscar Chupungco OSB, Msgr. Tony Sherman, and Fr. Paul Turner.

Congratulations, Msgr. Irwin!

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