Spanish-language Leccionario Postponed

Reliable sources tell Pray Tell that the publication of the Leccionario for Spanish-speaking communities of the United States has been postponed by the USCCB.The problem is mostly with the psalms.

The Leccionario for the USA was approved by the Holy See, with plans to have it out by next Ash Wednesday (2015). US bishops planned to take readings from Mexico and psalm from Spain, to have consistency with other Spanish-speaking places. But the psalms (from Spain) somehow got altered in their path to the US-approved book. And then Spain further revised its translation, making the US version both erroneous and obsolete.

So the Decree for Publication was revoked in early September. Difficulties will have to be ironed out, and the Holy See will have to clarify some things. By when? Anybody’s guess.



  1. Not to mention the Spanish Roman Missal for the United States. As many of you know the USCCB had decided to release their own Spanish Language Missal rather than use the one from the Mexican Episcopal Conference as what was done after the reform and what we’re using now.

  2. They took the readings from the Lectionary of Mexico-which is good and then took Psalms from Spain-that doesn’t make any sense.

    The Psalms from Spain usually have a response longer than the response from Mexico and it makes more difficult for the faithful to memorize the response. Besides that, some words from the Spain vocabulary are not very familiar to the Latin America people.

    I would guess early 2016 for the new leccionario. Unless, +Piero Marini will be Prefect of Culto divino then, perhaps, a quicker resolution.

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