What pope are you most like?

This is fun. Crux has a questionnaire that tells you what pope you’re most like.

I resolved to answer it honestly and not game the system – you can sort of tell what the value of a “bratwurst” response is, for example.

And the result for me was…..  Francis!

What did you get?





  1. St. Peter!
    (I had suspected I’d correlate with Zephyrinus after my last post, but I’ll take Peter any day!)

      1. @Timothy Johnston – comment #6:
        Oh no, Timothy, are you suggesting the survey is rigged?? I’d be so disappointed.

        And why shouldn’t Pope Benedict correlate with a fondness for cream cakes!?

  2. I did it 3 times, and got Francis, JP2, St. Peter.

    I was expecting Benedict XIV, but he probably isn’t a possibility.

  3. I got Francis also – I didn’t manipulate ( I don’t care for bratwurst) and I answered honestly! ☺️

  4. I was JP2 (definitely not) and then with slightly distorted answers Benedict IX or was it IV? – who were they? It would be funnier if it gave a little synopsis of the answer pope and their personality traits.

  5. Benedict IX. Wow.

    Quiz aside, I most identify with Leo X. Like Leo, I probably would have buried my head in the sand and refuse to call a German synod.

  6. Also Francis, but with not even needing to think in choosing Aquinas and Prudence, I was expecting St Pius V.

  7. I wonder which pope Marozia (890-930) would have got. There were three in whom she had a vested interest. She was the mistress of one, the mother of another and the murderer of a third. 🙂

  8. I was sort of shocked to discover I’m most like St. Peter…on the other hand, I also like Tilapia and have a brother named Andrew….

  9. Francis!

    Although the subsequent quiz made me wonder about the quizmasters at Crux: it gave you a name, and you were to guess whether there had been a pope by that name. It asked me whether there had been a Pope Elvis…

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