Pope Francis – Christians Must Speak a “Comprehensible Language”

Vatican Radio recently reported on Pope Francis’ greeting for the 35th annual “Meeting of Friendship between Peoples” on August 23rd. Cardinal Parolin sent a letter to the meeting with the pope’s greetings. The theme of this year’s meeting is “To the ends of the earth and of existence. Destiny has not left Man alone.”

In his letter, Cardinal Parolin said that Pope Francis was pleased to hear people “have heard and spread his invitation” to move to the peripheries. Cardinal Parolin then went on to define the Christian as someone who “is not afraid to decentralize, to go toward the peripheries, because he is centred [sic] on Jesus.”

According to Cardinal Parolin, Pope Francis called Christians to stay grounded in reality and to speak a language which is comprehensible to the modern world. He also called them to stay focused on what is essential to the Christian message and not on secondary aspects of the faith.

This is yet another message of hope from the Holy Father addressed to the Church and the world.



  1. I think that the Vatican website gives the text in Italian only and not in other languages.
    I wonder if there is an unintentional irony there.

    I think that the concern is that others focus on secondary aspects of the faith and so the primary message is obscured. Modern secular media may not always be reliable as a means of conveying the teaching of the Church.

    1. @Peter Haydon – comment #1:
      That is typical of the Vatican website. They eventually, a long time eventually, get around to posting English translations but, after teaching myself Italian so I could read Pope Francs’ speeches, homilies etc in a timely manner, I found that the English translations are truncated and have the words changed. ZENIT posts English translations in a more timely manner but they too favor translating to their point if view i.e. conservative.

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