Pray Tell Live – NPM Convention Plenum by Ann Garrido

9–10 am CST
“Embracing Good News: The Call to Conversion”
Convention Plenum by Ann Garrido

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  1. Rarely have I so enjoyed a plenum presentation! Prof. Garrido hit precisely the right tone in exploring a model of conversion from the Benedictine tradition: “conversatio morum.” She illustrated the great tension between “stability” and “openness to transformation” enshrined in two of the three promises Benedictines make in their religious profession with great humor and deep insight and invited us to a similar on-going “conversation of life.” She did such a wonderful job on exploring the nuances of “conversatio,” that she left me hungering for a similar treatment of “morum”: “life,” “habits,” “characteristic behaviors,” “temperaments,” “values”? This was a wonderful meditation on what the scriptures call “metanoia.”

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