Pray Tell Live from NPM – Gathering and Convention Keynote Presentation by Jerry Galipeau


1:30–3:30 pm CST

Good News for a Wounded People

Gathering and Convention Keynote Presentation by Jerry Galipeau

Due to Technical Difficulties, a portion of the Gathering and Keynote Presentation were not live streamed. See archive below.

Keynote begins at 43:49


  1. What is going on with the live feed from NPM? Are you having technical difficulties on your end or is my equipment causing the problem? Thanks so much and good luck Dr. Jerry!

      1. @Nathan Chase – comment #4:
        Thank you Nathan. Blessings to you, Fr Anthony, Rita and all who are making NPM available to those of us can’t attend in person this year.

  2. Dr. Galipeau set a wonderful tone for this year’s convention. He forthrightly named many of the issues that make ministry difficult these days (and not just pastoral music ministry or liturgical ministry), but refused to let us wallow in the difficulties. His own willingness to share a conversionary experience in his spiritual journey was truly “good news” for others whose ministerial service may have become hollow or empty from deep traumas. He made concrete how those facing those traumas in the light of truths preserved and presented in the liturgy may lead to spiritual insight and transformation (in this case by the Good Friday liturgy conjoined to a juxtaposition of crucifix and Resurrection image yoked to David Haas’ hymn “We Hold the Death of the Lord Deep in Our Hearts”).

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