Conflict in Iraq Imperils Christian Community

Reports forwarded to me from Christians in Iraq suggest that the latest round of conflict in the country may spell the end of one of Christianity’s oldest and most important Christian communities.

Prior to this week, Qaraqosh, one of the last safe havens for Christians in Iraq, was largely ignored by extremist fighters from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). This week, however, the situation changed and many of Qaraqosh’s residents have now fled the city. Mosul, another important city with a long Christian legacy, has also been captured by ISIS.

Here is video explaining the situation in Qaraqosh. The Christian Post reports that 10,000 Christians in the region have been displaced. They are also reporting that for the first time in 1,600 years Mass was not celebrated in Mosul on Sunday June 15th.

So please join me in praying for the Christians in Iraq and the Middle East.

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  1. This is sad news. President Assad of Syria protects the Christians. Western countries are trying to overthrow him. Now his enemies are throwing Christians out of Iraq. Meanwhile Christians are being squeezed out of the Holy Land by Israel supported by the USA. (Hamas do not help Christians either of course.)

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