Update: A Plea to Father Z: It’s “The Mass of Pius V”

UPDATE: Pray Tell reproduced a post by Deacon Ditewig titled: “A Plea to Father Z: It’s ‘The Mass of Pius V.’ Fr. Z has responded to Deacon Ditewig, and Deacon Ditewig has since issued a clarification and revised his original post. Below is Deacon Ditewig’s editorial comment:

Editorial Comment: I have prayed over what to do about this post. I remain convinced that the overall point I want to make remains valid. My mistake, for which I have apologized, was to specify a particular blogger (Father Zuhlsdorf) as being among those who make the mistake in question. I stand by that apology. I also stand by the fundamental thrust of my original posting; namely, that there are people who do associate the name of St. John XXIII inappropriately with the Mass of Pius V. There is an appropriate and correct way to do that, since St. John DID promulgate an editio typica of the Mass of Pius V in 1962. There are also inappropriate and incorrect ways of describing that reality as well, and THAT was the point I was trying to make. So, I have edited the original posting to remove references to “Fr. Z” and still make the point I wished to make.

The original post by Deacon Ditewig has been pulled and comments have been closed on this post. In fairness to those who commented on an earlier version of the post, comments have been deleted since the original post has been revised.