Pray Tell Goes Mobile!

I am pleased to announce that Pray Tell has gone mobile. When you access Pray Tell from your cell phone, tablet, and other mobile devices you be taken to a mobile friendly version of the blog. We hope this will make reading Pray Tell on the go even easier. For those of you who want to read our blog in full view, simply scroll to the bottom of any of our posts and click on β€œSwitch to Full View.” You will then be greeted by our full site.



  1. The mobile version is very rough on my mobile setup (iPhone viewing the blog via Feedly app) – I cannot scroll through the posts, every attempt to scroll down sends me right back to the top of the post.


  2. Further comments:

    Pressing “Publish” appears to do nothing: there is no visible indication that anything has happened, although in the fullness of time your comment does appear (it takes a while).

    It is not possible to edit posts on the Mobile site.

    If you do switch to full view, you can’t switch back again!

  3. In the interim using Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone will likely give better results than the stock browser.

  4. Many thanks to our editors and techs for the ongoing growth of this blog. This has proven to be a wonderful resource for discussing liturgical theology and practice, the best of its kind. I can’t imagine a better way to avoid the work that is stacked up on my desk!

  5. Looks great on my iPhone, though the navigation will take some getting used to. But I don’t get the mobile version on my iPad, just the regular Web version.

  6. I tried the moblie app on my android table (Acer Iconia). When I click on any post, it shows what seems to be an icon for a link to a youtube that is not operational. I lke the picture on the link however. It shows what I think are plain cardboard birettas, sorta looking like chinese take-out boxes. New style for the hierachy??

  7. This morning, whatever solutions are being worked on, they seem to be making things worse rather than better. The result on my Samsung android is the same as with some others posting above. I can no longer scroll down through posts, and I cannot see comments.

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