Pope Francis on Eucharist and Life

At his weekly catechesis in St. Peter’s Square today, Pope Francis spoke on the relationship between Eucharist and life. He listed three signs for how we experience the relationship:

1. Living with other people.

Now, when we participate in the Holy Mass, we find ourselves with many people … but the Eucharist that I celebrate, does it lead me to consider them as brothers and sisters? Does it inspire me to go towards the poor, the sick, the marginalized? Does it help me to recognize Christ’s face in them?

2. Forgiveness.

If anyone among us does not feel in need of God’s mercy, if he does not consider himself to be a sinner, it is better that he not go to Mass! We go to Mass because we are sinners and because we wish to receive God’s forgiveness, to participate in Christ’s redemption, his forgiveness.

3. Effect upon Christian community.

The mission and the very identity of the Church spring from this, from the Eucharist … a celebration may prove to be impeccable, beautiful, from an external point of view, but if it does not lead to an encounter with Jesus, the risk is that it does not lead to the nourishment of our hearts and lives. Through the Eucharist, instead, Christ wishes to enter into our existence and to permeate it with his grace, so that in every Christian community there is coherence between liturgy and life.

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  1. Not a word about Summorum Pontificum, the Extraordinary Form, or the Reform of the Reform?

    What kind of Pope is he?!

  2. A very important catechetical message for all – in many cases people have forgotten this…Thank you Pope Francis!

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