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For all those of the low church persuasion there is an new blog which explains the Solemn High Mass: The Low Churchman’s Guide to the Solemn High Mass. I must admit that I am anything but low church; however, even I found this blog both humorous and insightful. The motto of the blog is “Keeping loyal Anglicans safe from superstition since 2013.” Check it out.


  1. This is hilarious. Nathan, please take it with a grain of salt and don’t take away too many insights! I would not trust their information other than as a means of humor and delightful mischief!

    My favorite was the newly-discovered 18 O antiphons whose first letters form the acronym HIC HAEC HOC VERO CRAS.

  2. A wonderful find! My favorite O antiphon was the Latin version of O give me a home where the buffalo roam

  3. Delicious! You continue the witty tradition of English writers who are masters of sophisticated humor which delights in parody, rhymed verses, and a strong bent in using Latin with tongue in cheek. A good example is John O’Keefe and his “Amo, Amas, I love a lass, As a cedar tall and slender; Sweet cowslip’s grace is her nominative case And she’s of the feminine gender….Rorum corum sunt divorum harmum scarum Divo! Tag rag merry derry periwig and hatband Hic hoc horum genetivo! “. Delicious!

    Nathan, a thousand thanks for helping us not to take ourselves so seriously and are prone to think and speak in upper case letters.

    Paul Inwood–I’m confident you can write similar verses that are just as delicious. So, “Take fresh courage. Be of strong heart. And may the Muse of Wit be with you.” Monty Python and I would be pleased.

  4. As a former Anglican of the Latitudinarian persuasion I enjoyed the brilliant satire exposing some very profound truths dealing with the panoply of Anglican liturgiology and ecclesiology. I especially liked the Service of Nine Carols and Nine Lessons and the Rite of Peace.

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