Francis gives other denominations a case of ‘pope envy’

From the Boston Globe: “Francis gives other denominations a case of ‘pope envy’”:

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin recently evinced some ecumenical envy in the Jewish Daily Forward. After calling Francis “the most ‘Jewish’ pope we have ever encountered,” Salkin went on to praise Bergoglio’s literacy, compassion, and his outreach to Jews in his native Argentina.

“It is enough to create pope envy,” Salkin wrote.


  1. My parish recently hosted an Ecumenical Thanksgiving on the evening of Christ the King in a sort of lessons and carols style form. The theme derived from our community “Loaves and Fishes”. Among the biblical readings were also non-biblical; Bonhoeffer, Dorothy Day, and of course Pope Francis. Similar envy comments about the Bishop of Rome came graciously from our Lutheran, Congregational, Presbyterian and non-denominational sisters and brothers. It is good to be here.

  2. Meh, I live in a city that is 70% Jewish, and I really don’t hear anybody talking about Francis. I would understand if people were envious–maybe they should be–but I wouldn’t get too puffed up about it.

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