That’s our pope!

Story in the Daily Mail.







  1. Some within the church will be quick to comment derisively on this photo, though the silliness takes on a little more meaning when one notes the background reported in the article that accompanies it: The newlywed couple are “members of a charity that uses clowns to cheer up children.”

    Another photo of the Pope surfaced yesterday, too, which also ought to be underscored with a “That’s our Pope!”:

  2. Two more compelling images that underscore that in the mystery of the incarnation all is made new. We are earthen vessels. The one who aspires to be the leader must become the servant of all. Thank you, Lord, for guiding the election which has given us this humble servant leader. My condolences go out, at the same time, to those who expect the pope to act like a monarch or prince. They must be severely disappointed.

    1. @Fr. Jack Feehily – comment #2:
      Thank you for your condolences – for indeed the splendor and solemnity of the Vicar of Christ is on the its deathbed.

      Von Hildebrand was right as always – the “vineyard is devastated”. And one could have hoped that the art of wearing silly things died with bl. John Paul.

      1. @Damian Duczmal – comment #3:

        “… indeed the splendor and solemnity of the Vicar of Christ is on the its deathbed.”

        If you don’t mind my asking: What is your definition of “the splendor and solemnity of the Vicar of Christ”?

        Do such notions as love, joy, kindness, mercy and compassion figure into your understanding at all?

        I ask because to me, the vineyard appears to be flourishing stronger than ever before.

  3. The red Prada shoes were simply adorable, weren’t they? Wike the pwecious itsy feet that snuggled inside them…

  4. Give me Kate Bush in red shoes–that’s fine.

    If splendor and solemnity furthered Christ’s essential mission of Matthew 28:19, then we would have it. Instead we have a bishop who is setting an example on priorities. Other bishops, as well as the rest of us, would do well to consider the simple footwear that bore Peter well in the first century, then focus on things of the Gospel, rather than an expired sense of 2nd millennium aristocracy.

    Is the Gospel so unimportant that none of us would consider a funny nose, or even standing on our heads, if that is what it took to get the message across?

  5. Todd Flowerday : Give me Kate Bush in red shoes–that’s fine. I


    I do wonder how long it will be before we see “traditionalists” use this photo as proof positive of the mythical “clown masses.”

    Seriously though, I do my best to pray for them — that I may have the grace, strength, and charity to threat more lovingly and with a greater kindness and acceptance than they treated me these many years.

  6. No, Damian, we do not need a Pope of Imperial Christianity that was born from the alliance of Church & State beginning with Constantine. The Holy roman Empire was neither Christian or holy but a hybrid political/religious power shared among pope & Emperor.
    The Church was born of poverty; we need a shepherd who imitates the Good Shepherd: a man of holiness, gentleness and merciful. Francis, in his own way, is giving us examples of how to see Christ and express Christ to all people.
    It’s time to give up the red shoes, gold staffs and other trappings of imperial/medieval Catholicism.
    It’s time to get out and bring people to Christ. Clothes and titles do not make a person…their heart, minds and actions do.
    It’s time to bury the splendor & solemnity of the vicar of Christ… only corrupted the office of Bishop of Rome. May it rest in peace….

  7. And the red schnoz is sooooo very cute!

    How dare conservative old meanies besmirch our dear Papa for donning it!

    And are we not to fancy that he is also encouraging us to be anticipating the Christmas season? -Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Elves, and Santa Claus busy finding out who’s naughty or nice- and such?

    A lesson on the liturgical year…

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