Pray Tell Live Roundtable Discussion: “New Pope, New Church?”

1:00–1:30 pm ET
Pray Tell Roundtable Discussion with Anthony Ruff, OSB and Rachelle Kramer, Fr. Bob Webster, and Paul Inwood:
“New Pope, New Church?”

Archive of the Rountable Discussion:

Pope Francis—or is it Francis, Bishop of Rome?—is a media sensation with off-the-charts positive poll ratings. Everyone is talking about the marked change in style in Rome, with simplified ceremonial and vesture within and outside the liturgy. From Holy Thursday in prison to Lampedusa, liturgy is being linked strongly with social issues. What does it all mean? Can any tentative conclusions be drawn yet about Francis’ priorities? Are the expectations for change overdrawn in some quarters? What’s in store for liturgical renewal going forward? Tune in for a bit of crystal-ball gazing.


  1. I think Anthony made a reference to Cardinal Lehman’s impatience with the pace of change at the Vatican. I think some people are wanting to put the cart before the horse. Francis is still trying to discern what the role of the curia should be. Will it continue as the administrative arm of the papacy, or will it be transformed in order to offer broader service to the Bishop of Rome and the college of bishops. Do some of the congregations need to be reimagined, consolidated, or abolished? Do offices really need to be lead by ecclesiastical careerists? Could some be led by laymen or women? This reform needs to go way beyond “sacking” Bertone or anyone else thought of as being no longer suited for curial service. Then there is the whole matter of Episcopal Conferences. Will they be bolstered and given broader authority over liturgy, episcopal appointments, etc? All of that impacts on what kind of curial reform may be needed. That’s my two cents.

  2. I could not agree more with #! comment. This is certainly the moment to carefully restructure the whole curia. Sacking people will not solve the problem of the future if the prize is still in place for the race.

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