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A goodly number of workshop events are held during the summer months to build up the skills and understanding necessary for quality liturgical ministry, especially in the area of music.  This testifies to the commitment of many in the Church. Should there be even more? Probably, but it’s important to acknowledge the efforts that are being made.

Just this week, in fact, Pray Tell received notice of two chant workshops to be held in the coming weeks, one in Texas and another in California.

We’re opening this thread at Pray Tell for our readers to share news of what’s going on around town where they live. Any workshop events or seminars relating to liturgy, liturgical music, preaching, environment and art for worship, catechesis for worship, etc, are welcome.

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  1. Please join us for an entry level Chant workshop on Saturday July 13 from 9AM-12PM at the historic Mission San Buenaventura, Ventura, CA. This workshop will be an introduction to Chant as part of the Mass, with the goal of helping Parishioners learn the basics of Gregorian Chant and increase their appreciation and participation. All are welcome, this workshop is useful for clergy and laity alike!
    Curriculum will include:
    -Chant notation and solfege
    -Chant in English and Latin
    -Mass Ordinary
    -A capstone using the Pange Lingua

    No charge for the workshop, materials will be provided!

    For questions, please contact me at: carljn@gmail.com

    To sign up for the workshop, get the latest updates on the workshop, or to post questions, please visit: http://plus.google.com/u/1/events/cmncm3b50mtvs7kst0mek5ll390

    Carl Neimeyer

  2. St. Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant
    University of St. Thomas.
    Houston, Texas
    5th Annual Summer Learning Schola
    Come spend 8 summer evenings with St. Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant learning basic chant and singing the 2,000 year tradition of sung liturgical prayer.
    Deepen your “full, conscious and active participation” in the Mass singing the liturgy itself.

    Learn the notes and transcend to the prayer of the Mass.

    Sing Chant in beautiful new English compositions and timeless latin Classics.
    Session I: Wednesday and Thursday: July 17-18 & 24-25
    Session II: Wednesday and Thursday: Aug 7-8 & 14-15
    Times: 7:00 – 9:00 pm each evening. St. Basil’s Chapel, University Campus. Materials provided.

    Closing Mass, Sunday August 18. Place and time to be announced.

    Session I – $125.00
    Session II – $125.00
    Both sessions combined: $195.00

    For more info and to register on line: http://www.gregorianchantschool.org
    Contact: Lowell A. Davis – 281 – 855 2358
    email: Notes@gregorianchantschool.org

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