Some Liturgy and Music Events II: June – September 2013

After posting my earlier list of liturgy and music events to be held from June-September 2013, I realized that I had shown my North American bias by titling the posting “Summer 2013.” Apologies to Pray Tell readers in the Southern Hemisphere! I have tried to correct that bias in the present postings.

I will not be present at these events, but would encourage members of Pray Tell who will be present to post reports on the events.

Fr. Paul Kenny calls our attention to the gathering of Societas Liturgica, an international society for liturgical study and renewal, in Würzburg in Lower Franconia, Germany 5-10 August 2013. The congress theme is “Liturgical Reforms in the Churches” and will take place at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, hosted by the Lehrstuhl für Liturgiewissenschaft. The program will consist of a Presidential Address by Gordon Lathrop; major presentations by Don Saliers (“Theological Foundations of Liturgical Reform: one shape of meaning with many forms?”), Martin Klöckener (“Liturgical Reforms in History”), Ninna Edgardh (“Liturgical Reforms and the issue of power and authority”), Paul Bradshaw and Kurt Kardinal Koch (“Liturgical Reform and the Unity of Christian Churches”), Frederique Poulet (“Liturgy and Life”), Sebastian Madathummeriyil and Cas Wepener (“Liturgy, Culture and Language in the Reforms”), and Richard Vosko and Paul Böhm (“Liturgical Reform and Church Architecture and the Arts”); dozens of papers and short communications in various areas of liturgical research; common worship; and excursions to worship sites. Click here for further information and to register.

The Church Music Association of America will hold its Sacred Music Colloquium XXIII 17-23 June 2013 at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). The preliminary schedule includes plenary lectures by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth (“Life-Long Learning: Personal Reflections on the Influence of the Liturgy”), Archbishop Alexander K. Sample (title TBA), Dr. MeeAe Name (“The Art of Effortless Singing”), Dr. William Mahrt (“Gregorian Chant as the splendor formae of the Liturgy”); chant and polyphony rehearsals; lecture series; and common worship. For further information and to register, visit the Colloquium webpage.

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