An abbey candidate ponders his calling

Nick Moe, candidate (postulant) for novitiate at Saint John’s Abbey, was working in the Abbey gardens yesterday afternoon, pulling up the landscape fabric that was covering one of the plots to clean it and fold it up for reuse. He spied a broken flower pot in the corner of the garden, and liturgical piety took over:

We monks will be voting soon on his admission to novitiate. He seems to have a strong sense of his true vocation, don’t you think?


  1. Your confrere clearly has a keen appreciation of the “hermenutic of continuity”. Episcopal gloves and black capa magna, presumably for a particularly solemn funeral combined with the blue coveralls and worn work boots (perhaps a nod to our new Bishop of Rome?) and a small but noticeable pastoral adaptation (maybe even a bold act of inculturation): balancing the holy water bucket on his head.

  2. Nick has a wonderful vocation… He will keep a healthy distance from all pretensions, and keep you guys laughing! (Having met him recently, I give him a hearty thumbs up on other fronts as well… Intellect, perceptiveness, concern for justice, etc.) Thanks for the chuckle to end a long day!

    1. @Dale Rodrigue – comment #9:
      Now, THERE’S a photo to gag on. Too much. Just, way, way too much.

      Nick, on the other hand, seems to have a good idea of what he’s about, and a wonderful sense of humor too! Love it!

    2. @Dale Rodrigue – comment #9:
      I wouldn’t knock liturgical gloves. Archbishop John Francis Whealon of blessed memory wore them quite often, even for the OF of the Mass (and with liturgical slippers as well). He confirmed me in 1980 and had both on. He faithfully instituted EF Masses following 1984 Indult and even celebrated Pontifical Solemn High Masses himself with these communities. Yet, and here’s the part that will make all your progressive toes curl, he established one of the first diaconate programs, was highly involved in ecumenical relations, had a religious sister as his Chancellor, and established radical team ministries in parishes of a priest, deacon, and lay woman as pastors in the late 70s and early 80s and beyond. Just goes to show that there can be modernity under those gloves.

      1. @John Kohanski – comment #13:

        Geez John, it was a joke.

        To quote Gerald in #7: “Oh for God’s sake – and yours – LAUGH, bro, laugh!”

        btw John, all my “progressive toes” never curl, maybe one or two occasionally but never all of them.

  3. LOL! Lynn. Anyhow, dirty gloves in the service of the Lord are way better than the white clean ones.

  4. He certainly gives a more literal interpretation of “Co-worker in the Vineyard!”

  5. I remember a bishop back home who one time put a plant on his head and loudly declared “i cant believe i didnt get philadelphia”

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