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  1. New pope revives question: What is a ‘Latino?’

    The conversation about Pope Francis’ ethnicity is rooted in history and geography. Latin America is a complex region of deep racial and class narratives. The elites tend to be whites of European ancestry; the poor are often dark-skinned descendants of indigenous or African people.

    Latinos also can be of any race; many identify themselves as both Latino and white, or Latino and black. So debates were bound to happen with the elevation of a fair-skinned son of Italians born in South America’s most European city, a place that has always identified more with Rome and Madrid than Caracas or Mexico City.

    Pope Francis loves tango, drinks the traditional South American beverage mate and follows the San Lorenzo de Almagro futbol team.

    “Look: If the guy was raised there, lived there, did the culture there, who has the right to take that away?

    The term “Latin American” was created by the French in the 1860s when it was involved in the invasion of Mexico, said Stephen Pitti, a history professor at Yale University and director of the “Latino/a History Project.”

    “It’s an imperial term,” Pitti says.

    Another factor in the debate is the term “Hispanic.” It descends from Spain and was popularized decades ago by government agencies, Pitti said. But many dislike it because they connect it to the conquest of the Americas, or to recent U.S. arrivals who speak only Spanish. Many prefer Latino because they feel it describes a more accurate mix of indigenous, African and European ancestry, instead of strictly European.

    Latino Pope?
    Latin American Pope?
    American Pope?

    I prefer New World Pope.

    H/T Rocco

  2. This is great! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages. I’m glad that I could recognize my own faults in the illustrations. Who created this?

  3. Speaking as someone who isn’t that familiar with Opus Dei conspiracy theories, why does the Opus Dei priest in the cartoon have an assault rifle?

  4. Why is there no “Liberal/Progressive Catholic” reaction? Something like, “Hooray! The return of the clown, Halloween, and hippie Masses!”

    1. @Christopher Francis – comment #5:

      Because few “Liberal/Progressive” Catholics ever had anything to do with clown, Halloween or hippie Masses. So it would not be an apt “reaction.”

      1. @Fr. Ron Krisman – comment #6:
        We’ll have to agree to disagree, Fr. Krisman.
        That aside, as the cartoon [and my proposed addition] is humor based on stereotype and hyperbole, you still have not answered the question: why nothing to represent the liberal/progressive Catholic?

      2. @Christopher Francis – comment #7:

        I can’t say for sure. Perhaps your proposed addition would only be understood by officials of the CDWDS? Or perhaps the cartoonist is a “Liberal/Progressive”? I’m sure many more conjectures are possible.

      3. Fr. Ron Krisman : @Christopher Francis – comment #7: I’m sure many more conjectures are possible.

        True. My comment was meant to express that, as I read through the frames, I was struck by the absence of the liberal/progressive caricature.

  5. Pope Francis returned 30 rubber bands monthly

    The boy’s father, Luis Del Regno, also told a Buenos Aires newspaper that the former cardinal was an impressive conservationist. Luis said he would place rubber bands around the cardinal’s newspapers to keep them from being blown away when he delivered them.

    “At the end of the month, Luis said, Bergoglio always bring them back to the kiosk. “All 30 of them!”

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