Pontifex Limerix

Over at Korrektiv, Angelico Nguyen has some clever limericks on pope and pope emeritus:

There once was a Pope Benedictus
Who could make me grin like I had rictus:
His keen, crystalline prothes
And symbolical clothes
Proclaimed, ‘Christ, for His friendship, has picktus!’

Our nice new Holy Father is Francis,
And I’m happy to give him his chancis.
(I’ll admit, though: I frette
At his lack of mosette.
Quæsumus, no liturgical dancis!)

And this:

First, His Holiness shrugged off his mantle,
Then informalized his Twitter handle.
Geezers gushed, ‘The new norm!
Let “Reform of Reform”
Be reformed!’ (For ‘reform’, read dismantle.)


  1. Out of Rome flew the old pope, the German,
    Taking with him his red shoes and ermine.
    His successor said, “fine;
    In the hot Argentine,
    To dress modestly we all determine.”

  2. Calling all composers to write some new 10 10 6 6 10 tunes to fit the classical anapestic limerick!

  3. There once was a Bishop of Rome
    Who, far from his Argentine home,
    Imported some mangos
    And dancers of tangos
    To spice it up under the dome.

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