The “Room of Tears,” All Ready for the Newly-Elected Pope


  1. I’m not sure that’s relevant in this case. I believe the pope always wears the satin mozzetta for his first balcony appearance, regardless. Perhaps if they had provided him with it, he might have worn it. I can see him refusing the ermine; it clearly clashes mightily with his message. At any rate, throughout the reigns of the John Pauls, the ermine was never seen. It was restored by Benedict, and didn’t need to be forced upon his successor.

    1. @James Murphy – comment #3:
      It’s a bit of an idle thought – it may not have occurred to anyone present – but if he wanted to appear in choral vesture at all, he could have easily kept his scarlet woolen cardinal’s mozzetta.

    2. @James Murphy – comment #3:

      I was led to believe that there was, strictly speaking, a special lenten mozetta – neither the winter nor the satin? (It would be amusing if the alleged “Carnival time” quote was indeed properly to be interpreted as a (fairly mild and joky) rebuke of Marini for not being sufficiently strict about liturgical time and dress. Though I doubt it)

  2. Father General on His Visit with the Pope

    “At the personal invitation of the Pope Francis, I went to the Santa Marta House, which had been used for the Cardinals present at the Conclave, at 5:30 p.m. He was at the entrance and received me with the usual Jesuit embrace. We had a few pictures taken, at his request, and at my apologies for not keeping protocol he insisted that I treat him like any other Jesuit, at the Tu level, so I did not have to worry about treatments, “Holiness” or “Holy Father.”

    At the end he helped me with my coat and accompanied me to the door. That added a couple of salutes to me from the Swiss Guards there. A Jesuit embrace, again, is a good way to meet and send off a friend.”

    As a former Jesuit novice, I have noticed that among some Jesuits I am still one of “ours.” If I ever meet the Pope, I think I will mention my novitiate.

  3. Just curious, what is the “usual Jesuit embrace?” Or is this under pontifical secrecy…:-)

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