NBC Latino: Bergoglio (Pope Francis) Supports Gay Unions

From Argentina:

According to the new pope’s authorized biographer, Sergio Rubin, Bergoglio was politically wise enough to know the church couldn’t win a straight-on fight against gay marriage, so he urged his bishops to lobby for gay civil unions instead. It wasn’t until his proposal was shot down by the bishops’ conference that he publicly declared what Paulon described as the “war of God” — and the church lost the issue altogether.

Despite his conservatism, “Bergoglio is known for being moderate and finding a balance between reactionary and progressive sectors,” Paulon said. “When he came out strongly against gay marriage, he did it under pressure from the conservatives.”

Report here.


  1. Path to the papacy: ‘Not him, not him, therefore him’


    Looks like John Allen has put together the best explanation of Pope Francis so far.

    •A strong anti-establishment mood, which expressed itself as an informal veto against any Italian candidate and any candidate out of the Roman Curia;

    •A desire to elect a pope who could put a face on the burgeoning Catholic footprint in the developing world, which in practice meant the hunt was on for a Latin American;

    •A process of elimination inside the conclave that one cardinal described this way: “Not him, not him, and not him, therefore him.”

    If this explanation is true, it means that Pope Francis is not beholding to any block, and may therefore have a lot of freedom to do things his way in large matters as well as in style.

    By most accounts, Bergoglio helped his stock considerably with a brief speech during that final General Congregation meeting on Monday morning in which he called for “purification” and warned against the dangers of “careerism.” In the careful argot of the Vatican, those are code words for serious reform.

    It also seems that English speaking Cardinals are now leaking the “secrets” of the conclave even more effectively than the Italians. Transparency is beginning to come alive.

  2. So he’s against gay marriage, but for civil unions? This seems to go against pretty much everything I’ve heard so far. I’m very interested to see who the real Pope Francis will be. Right now it all seems to be speculation, wishful thinking, or fear-mongering depending on the person. However, I think it is how the Pope handles issues like this that will matter to most Catholics, and not so much now he isn’t wearing lace or cuff links.

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