Pope Francis (as Cardinal Bergoglio) on Palm Sunday

“At the start, in the blessing of the palms, we heard the Gospel narrative of when Jesus enters the city, enters Jerusalem. The crowds go to receive him. They had much love for the Lord. The people go to receive him because he enters triumphantly but also with humility. The feasting is done by the crowd, he does not organize it. This is proper to Jesus: he never organizes a feast for himself. He goes. He enters houses, enters towns, and enters cities and it is the crowd that seeks him out, and rejoices. …

“Today we have wanted , as Christians, to do something similar. …  Jesus goes out to meet people, instead of waiting for people to come looking for him. He goes out to be encountered. Today is the day Jesus goes to be met and he enters the city. Many Christians today have also gone out, in the name of Jesus, to meet the sick in the hospitals …the Church spills into the street because today Jesus is the king of the street, as he was that Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. The place to worship Jesus on this day, more than a temple, is the street.”


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