Underground Liturgy in China: two questions

CNN has this story on a priest in China’s underground Church. There is a lot of footage of the liturgy, which seems quite interesting, and raises two questions.

Question 1: would we characterize this as Reform of the Reform liturgy? On the one hand, it has lots of kneeling (including for communion), incense, communion on the tongue with the paten, etc. On the other hand, the Mass seems to be celebrated versus populum and there seems to be a lay Eucharistic minister and the singing that I could hear didn’t seem to be from the Gregorian repertoire.

Question 2: Why does question 1 seem so trivial in this context?

In any case, enjoy the vibrancy and devotion of the people celebrating the liturgy in this story. And remember, what is happening in this underground parish is, in its own way, as important as what is happening currently in Rome.


  1. Unfortunately, the new pope has taken the spotlight from this fascinating article, which i feel could have sparked a very interesting conversation. Such is life.

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