Pope Francis

Well, that was a surprise. To me, at least.

What can we expect liturgically? I am told that when he became a cardinal, rather than running off to Gammarelli’s for new robes, he had his predecessors robes altered. So perhaps we will have a bit less sartorial splendor.

Some people who identify themselves as “trads” are. . . shall we say, less than happy. They are dismayed not only because he’s a Jesuit, but also because of this video.

Well, in any case, let’s pray for Pope Francis.


  1. I like the name he picked. I really don’t know too much about him, though I heard he was conservative (but not a traditionalist).

  2. As the comments in that thread you linked to mention, he chose not to wear the ermine mozzetta. In that thread, this was not seen as a sign of good things.

    1. @Jack Rakosky – comment #3:
      And to think that there are those who recently pilloried me for ‘resentment’ in other recent comments on Pray Tell! (They seem to have blinders on when tossing such epithets about!)
      Your comment is dripping with contempt for the ‘Old World’, which, verily, brought the Faith to the ‘New World’. Do you perceive a difference in what you call the ‘New Christendom’ and the ‘Old Christendom’? I hope not, because there is but a single Christendom, constituted by Christians everywhere. Why this undisguised and utter repudiation of our own European heritage, to which you, I assume, with a name such as Rakovsky, are a fellow heir. While I share in the euphoria over Holy Father Francis’ elevation and origins, I think that any and all fuss over those origins betrays a highly inappropriate and disappointing regionalism and sense of entitlement. While I laud the new pope’s legendary humility and care for the disadvantaged, I am guarded and deeply concerned about having a Jesuit as the Church’s chief liturgist.

  3. Hello Deacon Fritz,

    In fairness, I think it’s the Hannukah service that bothers most in these quarters more than the charismatic Mass.

  4. What is the matter with the video? It looks like most entrance processions. The music is not to my taste, but I went to a mass in St. Peter’s Basilica with 8000 people presided by Cardinal Bertone, and the music was much worse than this. It sounded like the Saturday night guitar group from the local parish. Which didn’t carry so well in St. Peter’s.

    If we get away from liturgical Pharisaism and actually attend to the mission of Christ and the church – I say we’re heading in the right direction.

    (I’m speaking as someone who works in a parish with fairly traditional music – Latin motets, etc. So, as I said, this music is not to my taste. But it is not the anthem of the anti-Christ.)

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