Liturgical Rites of the Conclave

On Saturday at 11 am, Rome time, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops hosted a press conference at the Pontifical North American College with Archbishop Piero Marini and Msgr. Kevin Irwin, focusing on the liturgical rites related to the conclave. Msgr. Marini was master of papal liturgical ceremonies during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. Msgr. Irwin is on the faculty of The Catholic University of America and is a professor of liturgical studies.

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  1. I was very glad that the first point made corrected the media’s refrain of the upcoming “ancient” rites that (supposedly) govern the conclave — when in fact these rites are not half as “ancient” as some other catholic rites, e.g., around baptismal initiation.
    I guess contemporary commentators, especially from secular media outlets, cannot but code what Catholics do as “ancient,” and “mysterious” — and thereby as outdated and irrelevant? Strange that analogously ancient, mysterious rites can be so culturally compelling when Harry Potter or the Hobbit are their agents!

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