A New Pope: All hail Tri-Felge Putinard!

No, we haven’t seen white smoke.

This brilliant video not only shows what a difference a new soundtrack can make, but also makes me think that this is really pretty much how the rest of the world sees Vatican liturgies (and, for that matter, most Catholic liturgies).

All hail Tri-Felge Putinard!


  1. “Wu-Botox of Gerund Seven. The still-living brain of the mighty Keppel, today being carried by the symbiont Vunt, in his jewel-encrusted ceremonial stasis orb … a long line of drones from Digitox, the removable hard-drive planet.”

    Just hilarious! Thank you Fritz!

  2. Obviously Vox Clara provided the translations !

    “Now it is the turn of Lord Ipsulot of Bock to plead in his own tongue for the mercy of Jessel ‘mach sac neie toc toc tingk nalink neeauh bluu sock sock neu eeuww’…The speech pleases Jessel.”

  3. Brilliant! And I’m nowhere close to being a Star Wars geek. The producers do carry on the dimming of torch of The Pythons perfectly, particularly when they channel the “Gods must be crazy” via the homilist!
    Shook me nicely out of my missing Papa funk, Fritz, viele Danken.

  4. Count me with Joe O’Leary on this one. I found it vastly disrespectful, and not at all indicative of how outsiders see Catholics. Eucharist as control, women religious as drones, a nasty take on the various peoples in attendance and their languages. Not a bit funny. Demeaning.

  5. I find this very insensitive. I don’t think this site would publish or link to a site that makes a mockery of the Muslim tradition on their pilgrimage to Mecca with a soundtrack like this. Nor would I expect something like this on any other world religion. As we all know, nothing on-line is every private or selective. It is public and accessible world-wide.

    I appreciate Church humor, but not this one…

    P.S. Those habited religious women with the lights on their forehead would not have been as effective if it were un-habited nuns would it?

    1. @John J. Hoffman – comment #11:
      “Those habited religious women with the lights on their forehead would not have been as effective if it were un-habited nuns would it?”

      Maybe that was the point!

  6. When I was in academia, a colleague who was a former Episcopalian priest and I enjoyed being amused by the parallels between religion and social science.

    The important part of a journal article is not the introduction, the methodology or the discussion but the results section.

    Of course in this key section we enter into the sacred language of statistics with analyses of variance, F ratio’s, degrees of freedom, levels of significance, regression equations, beta weights, chi-squares, etc.

    So, of course, only those that have been inducted into the world of Ph.D. level research really know and understand what has taken place.

    1. @Jack Rakosky – comment #13:
      Huh? Was that satire?
      And pardon moi for noticing that as the real church muddles and chugs along trying to sort itself out eternally, that this clever little video “is outrage” and united as bedfellows the catholic right and the left. It’s a miracle!
      As Dr. A.E. Newman posited profusely, “What, me worry?”

  7. I’m not sure what level of outrage I should or shouldn’t have. I usually save outrage for things like the Shoa, killing fields, the Gulag, BP Oil Spills, abortion clinics, state executions, deforestation and the like.

    This I would say, as maybe one of the younger ones around. The video has been around for years. When it first went viral on YouTube my friends (20-40ish), catholic, protestant, nothing, connected with it and constantly shared it with me as a way of connecting with me, the ‘really religious dude who takes this stuff seriously.’ To Fritz’s initial point, and from my experiences, this video is exactly how many view us and our liturgies. And that should make us think, because they are ultimately saying, “I don’t get it,” “I don’t understand it,” “this is fantasy,” “I can’t relate,” “I don’t have the code to decipher this,” “what difference does all this strangeness really make?” That, it seems to me, is what we really need to be reacting to.

  8. I’m with J. Thomas.
    I don’t think Fritz’s point in posting this was that this is how HE sees Catholic liturgy, or that the views in the video are HIS views. Rather, as he said, it’s about how the rest of the world sees Catholic liturgy. That’s worth thinking about.

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