Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland Calls for Dialogue and Mediation

More than 250 priests attended the meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests on Wednesday. After prayers for Pope Benedict and for the electors of the next pope, a frank and open discussion followed on unjust treatment of priests such as Fr. Tony Flannery, lack of dialogue in the Church, displeasure with the new Missal, and other contentious issues.

At the end of the meeting, the clergymen unanimously approved a resolution. There is a preamble quoting the Synod  of Bishops, 1971, and then the resolution:

In the light of the above teaching from the Synod of Bishop in 1971, especially no 40, we the undersigned ask the Irish Bishops’ Conference to meet as soon as possible with those Irish priests who have been censured by the Vatican in recent years. The purpose of the meeting would be to request the Bishops’ Conference to enter into discussions with the CDF: 1. To (explore) how best to resolve the matters that have led to the censuring of the priests and; 2. To set up local mediation structures to address any such issues in the future. We would like to see this happen as a matter of urgency.


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