When you retire…

From Saturday Night Live.


  1. I am saddened by the disrespectful tone that many of the late night comedians have shown about the resignation of the Pope. This historic event has no place during their routines or bits.

  2. I must say, my way of being, which I do not believe is disrespectful, is to live with seeing many things in a most humorous light. If it is done as a cruel taunt, that is one thing, but sometimes pure jest is just that.

  3. Maybe it’s like the portrait of “Jesus Laughing.” For some it evokes the fullness of incarnation- Jesus as both human and divine. For some it is disrespectful, because the divine needs to trump the human every time. Please, dear God, send us a pope with a great sense of humor along with wisdom, compassion and humility. Amen.

  4. I am not sure which is more unusual: a pope resigning or an SNL bit that actually is funny. But that one did make me smile a couple of times.

  5. This was funny on so many levels, I laughed out loud. First, it’s a parody of the genre of advertising that directs itself to the financial needs of retirees. The financial adviser is hilarious. Those who think disrespect of the pope is somehow the point are really missing the boat and not seeing most of the humor here.

  6. I respectfully withdraw my view of the commercial. It seems as if I missed the point entirely. However, lacking a sense of humor has never been one of my shortcomings. I really enjoy the Pray Tell blog.

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