10 iPhone Apps That Remind You to Pray

In the monastery a bell rings to remind us to pray… but I take it that not everyone lives in a monastery, and apparently some people have gadgets called iPhones, and I guess there are things called apps for them…

…and Paul Taylor writes about a great post at his great web site: 10 iPhone Apps That Remind You to Pray.

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  1. … and the writer of this list of 10 doesn’t even begin to list all the apps for the Liturgy of the Hours!
    You also don’t need an app at all for setting your iPhone alarm for certain moments of prayer (mine is set for the Angelus at noon, daily). Just choose the sound of a bell for the alarm, instead of “marimba,” or “bark,or ” SciFi, etc.

  2. For better or worse I don’t own an iPhone, and the place prayer has in my life was well established long before pagers (Remember them?), and everything that came afterwards. It all comes from someone, many years ago – and I mean my high school days back in the 60’s – telling me that discipline and discipleship are two sides of the same coin. Eventually discipline becomes a habit of the heart, and prayer is one way of rehearsing the heart for living as a disciple and hopefully an apostle each day.

  3. Can’t say that I would naturally pair technology and prayer, but I started writing and posting daily ‘trios’ of scripture that resonate with an image of Christ, and composing a responsive prayer. Scripture Union Canada picked it up and has done the tech-y work, so now it’s also an app. Blue Stone City is the name of the site (www.bluestonecity.org), or the SU CANADA app for smartphones.

  4. We just launched a new app called pray with me that allows users to post prayer requests and see other people pray for them all over the world. We already have 30,000 people using it. It is really cool to see so many believers praying and encouraging each other. Check it out http://www.praywithme.com

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