A profoundly blue Christmas

Little did I know when I posted something about “blue Christmas”-liturgies here recently that people not far from where I live would be forced to confront such a profoundly horrific blue Christmas indeed. I write as a mother with a son in the Connecticut school-system. My heart missed a beat yesterday.


  1. My deepest sympathy and prayers for all who are caught up in this horrific act, and for all my friends in the American school system generally.

  2. Lullay, lully, lullay…..
    Thank you Teresa. Thank you Paul, and know that many of us still pray for those little souls lost in Scotland years ago, as well as all the innocents of Syria, the Sudan, Modgadishu and everywhere unfathomable evil and violence reigns.
    There is a portion of Dr. John Zmirak’s latest book, THE BAD CATHOLICS’ GUIDE TO THE CATECHISM (Don’t let the title fool you) worth reading (and perhaps I can come back and quote it). It expiates how our faith’s teaching helps us cope with the aggression of evil, especially as regards “patience.”
    I have offered some other thoughts here:

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