Pope To Identify With Catholic Youth By Giving Up On Catholicism

I didn’t see this one coming. From The Onion:

And here’s the discussion question – all you readers can be part of the editorial committee for a bit: Is this over the line editorially? I don’t think so, but then I can laugh at just about anything.



  1. No, it’s not over the line, and like all good satire, it acknowledges a painful truth.

    (I hope nobody needs to point out what that truth is.)

  2. Mildly amusing.

    Funnier was the crawl that read “Before death, Ravi Shankar realizes he was holding sitar upside down whole time.”

    Back to the Pope: At least the Onion need not worry about the Pope issuing a fatwa on them!

  3. I loved it but would only send it to a few carefully chosen
    individuals and definitely not post it on my Face Book page!

  4. I’m a college-aged Catholic and I posted it on my Facebook page.. I think it’s actually pretty positive on Catholicism and is satiring youth more than the Church

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