Beer Advent Calendar

“Forget cheap chocolate. Forget Christmas ornaments. What about a advent calendar of delicious tasty craft beers?! Now this is the kind of advent calendar I can get behind.”

I wish Pray Tell had known about this before the season began. More about it here.


  1. Maybe a raspberry wheat … and blueberry, boysenberry, etc. for the other Sundays?

    Great project for everyone at P/T to get behind … other ideas for liturgically appropriate beers for various dates. Surely we can put aside our differences on other matters for the sake of a unifying project like this.

    Anyone have ideas for Dec 8 or 12? Something special for Dec 24?

  2. Upon checking the original Latin — okay, to be honest, it’s a translation from Greek, which in turn is a translation of a Hebrew text — most of these are actually “December [lit. tenth month] calendars,” not “Advent calendars.”

    Anyway, I don’t need a religious or spiritual excuse for sampling a couple dozen different chocolates or beers. The right beer can be a religious experience on its own!

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