St. Hildegard of Bingen, Doctor of the Church!

I will go and chill some champagne (or should it be German “Sekt”)? We have a fourth woman who now is among the “Doctors of the Church.”


  1. I re-read your chapter on her last night in honor of the occasion! And I have a bottle of dry white from the Bingen vineyard that a colleague brought me over the summer–I will chill it this weekend.

  2. I may wear my “Heretic in Good Company” t-shirt to celebrate.

    I know that at least three of the four female Doctors of the Church – Teresa, Catherine, and Hildegard – got in trouble during their lifetimes for being critical of the hierarchy and abuses within ecclesial structures. Hope for the LCWR?

  3. This is wonderful.
    She has been on the fast track, after so many years! No sooner canonized than made a doctor of the church. Excellent news.

    1. The German bishops had actually petitioned the Vatican to name Hildegard a “doctor ecclesiae” in the 1970s already, only to be told that that was impossible since Hildegard was not officially canonized (the rpocess having been botched in the 13th century). One of the then bishops in Germany, J. Ratzinger, took care of that little detail in May of 2012, as Pope Benedict XVI. 🙂

  4. Wonderful news, Hildegard for a long time has been one of my favorite saints, and now this. Thanks be to God!

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