Quantum Theology: “Bless you!”

Michelle Francl-Donnay shares a powerful reflection today on how blessings are more than sacred armor, but are a way of handing our whole lives over to God and finding God present in everything.

Making sacred our everyday objects — cars, candles, or computers — draws us more deeply into the preeminent sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood. “Sacrosanctum Concilium,” the Second Vatican Council’s “Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy,” notes “that almost every event in (our) lives is made holy by divine grace that flows from the paschal mystery of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection, the fount from which all the … sacramentals draw their power.”

Bless you too!


    1. @Fran Rossi Szpylczyn – comment #1:

      Thanks Fran for the comment. I enjoyed reading from Michelle’s blog pages, and as a practising quantum mechanic and contemplative, she knows the terrains. US sisters are in the news because of vatican criticism, and this has incidentally brought evolutionary theology, with its reconciliation of religion and science, into the limelight: for instance, in this article, most of it published in a recent Tablet .

      It’s a wonder to me too that useful writings on this kind of topic, for instance Pope Benedict discussing Teilhard de Chardin, are readily available on the internet posted on sites which disagree strongly. Anyway, I hope more discussion will follow, as it is irksome to hear so much church language presupposing metaphysical positions which are hardly tenable by a modern person. The world needs development of the ideas of spiritual evolution begun in writings such as Teilhard’s The Human Phenomenon or A.N.Whitehead’s Process and Reality.

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