You Don’t Know Jack… About the Feast of the Assumption

Funny video on the Assumption, including some nice interview moments.

You Don’t Know Jack … About the Feast of the Assumption

I like it when Fr. Jack says, “I do [know] because I looked it up!” Very cute. But my favorite part is: “It is wonderful to think that God thought so highly of her, of his mother, that he took her to heaven the way he did.”

Happy Feast!


  1. Evidently, I didn’t know Jack, either: an elderly parishioner was leading the the praying of the rosary before Mass and proclaimed the fourth glorious mystery “Our Lord assumes his Blessed Mother – body and soul and divinity (!) – into heaven.”
    In the little German-Catholic parish where I grew up, it was a rite of passage for altar boys to learn the name of this feast in German.

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