How Do You Solve the Problem of Translation?

At the NPM convention, as always, there was a festive breakfast Thursday morning at which awards and scholarships were given out.

Here’s this year’s “opening hymn” (so to speak) at the breakfast, compliments of Alan Hommerding from WLP. Sing it to get the full effect.


  1. I’m sorry I missed that occasion, I would have been roaring with laughter. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. The corrected Latin underneath the title is a nice touch. Well done, Alan!

    Coming next year . . .

    “Incense that rises and kneelers for kneeling;
    Well-crafted sermons and prayers that bring healing;
    Priests who can chant and a parish that sings.
    These are a few of my favorite things . . .”

    1. As a matter of fact, Pat, an unnecessary (and, therefore, deleted) third stanza did include “gibbet” and “consubstantial” and the line that convinced me to stop working on it:
      ” ‘Morning Has Broken’ is the place for dewfall.”

  3. Alan – thanks for a good chuckle and a laugh. Being among those who are “slightly” irreverent, I would love to hear your deleted third verse.

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