CCMLA: June 18-21


The Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts is this June 18-21.

Lots of things to highlight in the schedule. For example, the presentation by Pray Tell contributor Diana Macalintal:

One Size Does Not Fit All:  Why Uniformity Doesn’t Always Equal Unity
Using the Incarnation and a theology of the other as a lens for exploring multicultural and intercultural liturgy.

Culture Shock:  What Happens When God Moves Into the Neighborhood?
A look at where we have been in our efforts to recognize God’s presence in the “other.”

Renewing the Face of the Earth:  More than a Makeover
In a wrap-up, Diana Macalintal gives a mystagogical reflection on “what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we looked upon and touched with our hands concerning the Word of life-for the life was made visible”  (1 Jn 1:1-2).

Diana is also doing break-outs on “What’s New in the New Missal” (things you may not yet have noticed), and “Does It Really Say That?:  Surprising Treasures, Old and New, in The Roman Missal.”

Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB is doing a Latin chant practicum looking at chants sung at the closing Eucharist, and also a plenum session on fresh, appealing new hymn tunes in “contemporary classical” style.

Pray Tell friend and CCMLA co-director Michael Silhavy is doing a plenum, “What Mass Settings Are We Using?”

And so much more… Katherine DeVries on missing youth and young adults… Jim Wahl on music of Central America and South America … Deborah Lee Ludolph on world music… Bro. Theophane Windshittle, OSB on keyboard leadership and repertoire … Matthew Mehaffey on choral basics… music lessons for all participants …

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  1. Sad to read that CCMLA won’t be held this year. Because of another-job scheduling, I can’t attend anything in July (so NPM is out). Anyone have a bright idea to share about a continuing-ed/formation program for a liturgical musician that happens in June or August?

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